Crocheting Plastic Into Sculpture, A Cambridge Artist Calls For Environmental Action

Artist Michelle Lougee’s work is “suggestively biomorphic and organic, belying the synthetic material she uses,” writes Pamela Reynolds.

Upcoming Exhibits

  • @ Boston Sculptor Gallery

    Timber! June 13 - July 15

    Opening Reception: Saturday, June 16, 5–8pm

    SOWA First Friday Reception: July 6, 5–8pm

    Second Sunday Concert Series: July 8, 4–6pm

    with Liz Shepherd

    Michelle will also be at the gallery on Sundays: June 24, July 1, and July 8

  • @ Chandler Gallery at Maud Morgan Center, Cambridge MA

    Life of Forms Aug 13 - Sept 7

    Opening Reception: Thursday, Aug 16, 5:30–6:30pm

    with Susan Heideman